About Leganto

Our Vision: Providing the best standard for the creation and operation of BI platforms

Our Concept

We realized the importance of businesses to find ways to reduce time to market and give your users a quicker response, Leganto was created for this purpose. In order to create BI datawarehosues and BI projects at the speed of business. In today’s competitive market, business decisions need to be made fast. Leganto gives you the tools to make these decisions with confidence. Leganto will give you a more clear overview and understnaing of your data, giving you better, more accurate information to make decisions.

Leganto incorporates innovation with simplicity. Leagnto is a user-friendly solution. All product outputs are displayed in clear and simple way. Through the use of unified templates and naming conventions Leganto is extremely convenient and easy to maintain as well.

Unlike many other BI Solutions, you have freedom to customize your project, Leganto allows the user to easily build building business entities (as dimensions or facts). It simply involves designing the source table and primary key, then add your other source tables and load the data.You can also customize and design templates according to your needs and specifications.

Leganto will creating your ideal business entity model, including destination and staging tables, operational columns, indexes, logs, and ETL processes based on dynamic templates. Leganto is not just for BI experts. Leganto is for any business user who wants to run their business more efficiently while making better business decisions.

Implementing data warehouse and BI projects can often take months. In today’s competitive business landscape, it is essential to find ways to reduce time to market and give your users a quicker response, bringing greater customer satisfaction. This is precisely why we created Leganto.

Our Mission

“At Leganto, we are committed to the most business efficient BI solutions. We focus on solutions that will help customers reduce costs and save money. However, we will never compromise our business integrity and that’s why in addition to helping you save money and reduce costs, Leganto only uses the most advanced BI practices while maintaining the highest standards in the industry.”

-Ilan Zaitoun